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Posted by Revive Financial on May 20, 2024 12:26:00 PM

Are you navigating financial challenges and looking for support? Financial hardship can be complex and overwhelming, and finding the right assistance is crucial. This article outlines the free financial assistance available in Victoria, helping you find the support you need for everything from housing to everyday expenses. Revive Financial is here to guide you toward financial stability and peace of mind, dedicated to supporting Victorians through their financial journeys with solutions for debt management and relief.

Free Financial Counselling

if you're located in Victoria and feeling the weight of financial stress, free financial counselling is within reach. This service is provided by a compassionate network of counsellors, working through non-profits and community groups to offer you guidance through financial challenges. These counsellors provide confidential support and practical advice to help you manage debts, budget effectively, and make smart financial choices.

They're also your guide to local assistance programs, grants, and other forms of financial aid in the state. Whether you're battling debt, struggling to pay bills, or seeking financial planning advice, a Financial Counsellor can provide the support and direction you need. Use this website to help you find a Financial Counsellor in your area.

Free Financial Assistance in Victoria for Everyday Purchases

In Victoria, the No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) offers a lifeline to individuals and families facing financial hurdles, enabling them to afford essential everyday items without the worry of interest. This program allows eligible participants to borrow up to $2,000 for necessities such as appliances, furniture, car repairs, and more. For those with housing needs like bond or rent-in-advance, or to recover from a natural disaster, the borrowing limit is extended up to $3,000.

This financial assistance aims to provide a safety net for those in need, ensuring access to essential goods and services without the added stress of financial strain. Check your eligibility and learn more about NILS here.

Rental Assistance

Receiving Centrelink benefits? You could qualify for continuous rental support. The level of Rent Assistance available to you is influenced by your rental costs and living situation, including whether you're living solo, with a partner, or have dependents. Dive deeper into Rent Assistance and explore more free financial aid options in Victoria via Centrelink by clicking here.

For further insights into rental support, our other blog post outlines more opportunities. Click here to check it out.


Rental Bond Assistance

The Rental Bond Loan program in Victoria offers an interest-free option for easing the burden of initial rental bond expenses. Designed with the goal of helping eligible persons secure private rental homes without the stress of immediate costs, this program can be a valuable resource. To check your eligibility and learn more about how the Rental Bond Loan program can assist you, click here.

Assistance for Energy Bills

Victorian households can access a $250 energy bill relief through the Energy Bill Relief Fund. To be eligible, you must hold a concession and be the named account holder at your main residence (If you are eligible and are not named on the bill for your household but you pay for electricity, contact your electricity provider to add your name to the account). Each household is eligible for one bill relief credit per financial year. For more details on eligibility and application, visit this website.

Food Assistance

AskIzzy is a crucial online resource for Victorians facing food insecurity, connecting users with a variety of support services, including food relief and financial assistance. This platform makes finding local food banks, community kitchens, and emergency food services simpler, ensuring those in need can access meals and ongoing food support. AskIzzy's user-friendly interface ensures assistance is readily accessible. For more on how AskIzzy can help with food assistance in Victoria, visit their website here.

Budgeting Assistance

Discover the power of your finances with our budgeting calculator. It's designed to provide a clear breakdown of your income, expenses, and savings, helping you make smart decisions about your money. With the convenience of a downloadable summary, you can easily track your financial progress and stay on track with your goals. Whether you're looking to cut down debt, save for the future, or just manage your daily spending more effectively, our calculator is here to guide you every step of the way.

Emergency Assistance

Victoria hosts a range of organisations like Anglicare and Vinnies, ready to extend emergency relief through numerous centres. Offering immediate help with groceries, clothing, financial support, and counselling, these services cater to individuals and families facing tough times. With a focus on compassion and building connections, these centres create a supportive atmosphere for anyone in need. Should you find yourself in a challenging situation, connecting with your nearest Emergency Relief Centre from Anglicare or Vinnies can lead you to the assistance required.

What Else Can I Do? Call Revive Financial!

The free financial assistance available in Victoria is limited and restricted to certain situations. If your debt problems fall outside of what this free advice and help can offer you, get in touch with our team of specialists today on 1800 534 534 for support, advice and to discuss your options. We have a number of positive solutions available for people with bad debt.

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