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Posted by Revive Financial on Sep 15, 2023 9:56:50 AM

As one of the most trusted providers of Debt Relief services in Australia, Revive Financial receives hundreds of calls each week from people looking for free financial assistance in Queensland. The caring and compassionate team at Revive Financial can provide Queenslanders with a number of effective and positive solutions to their bad debt.

Sometimes, people are only going through a rough patch and could use some free financial assistance to get out. To aid in debt relief, Revive Financial has compiled a list of available support services in Queensland. This list is a convenient guide to help people with their finances. The free financial assistance in Queensland includes counselling, rebates, handouts and discounts from charity groups and the government.

If you find your debt is too large for the free assistance to be effective or you want a more direct approach to eliminate your debts, call Revive Financial on 1800 534 534.

Free Financial Counselling

Financial Counsellors offer advice and support throughout Queensland. Counselling is usually available through not-for-profit organisations to assist people who are experiencing financial problems. A financial counsellor will be able to provide you with direction and knowledge to help you make better financial decisions.

They will also be able to let you know of any programs, incentives or free financial assistance in Queensland which could help you. Use this website to help you find a Financial Counsellor in your area.

Free Financial Assistance in Queensland for Everyday Purchases

Support is available for low-income earners in Queensland to help with basic large purchases like furniture. The No Interest Loans Scheme offers individuals and families on low income the opportunity for an interest free loan up to $3000.

The money can be used to buy white goods, furniture, health aids or even school fees. It cannot be used for emergency relief, bond or rent money, living expenses or debt repayment. There are other incentives available to help with these costs. Learn more about the No Interest Loans Scheme and find out whether you are eligible.

Mortgage Assistance

With the economic pressures of 2023, including rising interest rates and living costs, homeowners in Queensland, like many across Australia, are feeling the financial strain. If keeping up with your home loan repayments is a challenge, Queensland offers a helping hand.

The Queensland Government offers the Mortgage Relief Loan. A Mortgage Relief Loan is an interest free loan of up to $20,000 which must be repaid over a 10 year term. For a list of eligibility criteria and more information on a Mortgage Relief Loan, click here.


Rental Assistance

If you have encountered a unique circumstance which has prevented you from being able to afford your rent, you could apply for a Rental Grant. A Rental Grant is a once-only grant of 2 weeks rent to help tide you over. The available funds are limited so you must meet a particular criteria to be eligible. To learn more about the Rental Grant click here.

If you are receiving a benefit payment from Centrelink, you might also be eligible for ongoing rental assistance. The amount of Rent Assistance you may get depends on the type and amount of rent you pay and your living arrangements, whether you are single or have a partner and dependents. For more information on Rent Assistance and other free financial assistance in Queensland through Centrelink, click here.

Additionally, our other blog features more avenues for rental assistance. Click here to read it.

Rental Bond Assistance

In Queensland, rental bond loans are available for people who are struggling to find the upfront money required to move into private rental accommodation. The Rental Bond Loan is an interest free loan available to people who fit the eligibility criteria. To see if you are eligible, click here.

Assistance for Energy Bills at Home

Often, Revive Financial will receive a call from someone who received a larger than usual power bill at a time when they are already struggling to make ends meet. If you are in a similar situation, there is free financial assistance in Queensland available to help.

The Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme is for Queensland households facing difficulties in paying their electricity or natural gas bills due to an unforeseen emergency or short-term financial crisis within the past 12 months. It offers a one-off emergency payment to help cover your energy bills, providing up to $720 once every 2 years. For more information or on details for how to apply click here.

Queensland pensioners and seniors may be eligible for an electricity and gas rebate at home. Anyone who holds a Pensioner Concession Card, Department of Veterans' Affairs Gold Card (and receive the War Widow Pension or special rate TPI Pension) or the Queensland Seniors Card are eligible for the rebate. Seniors and Pensioners could receive up to $372.20 per year for the electricity rebate and $86.75 per year for the Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate. For more information visit the Queensland Government website.

Government Concessions

There are a number of concession cards issued in Queensland including senior and health cards. These cards provide concessions across a number of areas including catching taxis, public transport, electricity, solar and medical services. For a full list of the concessions available with each card follow the link to the website on Senior Concession Cards.

What Else Can I do? Call Revive Financial!

The free financial assistance in Queensland is limited and restricted to certain situations. If your debt problems fall outside of what this free advice and help can offer you, contact Revive Financial. We have a number of positive solutions available for people with bad debt.

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