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Business Debt in Australia

In Australia’s challenging economic climate, even the most successful business can fall prey to volatile market conditions and cash flow pressures. In these situations, it is vital to identify, assess and respond to the signs of company turmoil to give your business the best chance of survival.

Revive Financial can assist you with a range of formal and informal insolvency options to help you turn your business around.

About Revive Financial

Revive Financial is a team of qualified professionals who can deliver full-scale debt management services. Our staff are equipped to assist in personal and business debt management. We have a Bankruptcy Trustee and Corporate Liquidator so we can see your insolvency appointment through to completion.

We provide understanding advice to businesses and directors to help take the pressure off and move forward with a positive strategy for your business. You don’t ever have to go it alone, we’re here to help so contact us today.

3 Options to Tackle Your Business Debt


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Business Debt Options?


Business Turnaround

Don’t let your business debt spiral out of control. Turn your business around with a professional debt relief strategy and action plan.

Business Turnaround is when an independent assessor comes in and takes a look at your business structure, how you operate and what you are spending money on. They develop an actionable strategy you can follow to cut spending and literally turn your business finances around.


Voluntary Administration

Voluntary Administration will give you some much-needed breathing room while you get your finances under control. During a period of Voluntary Administration, your creditors must cease all collection action, allowing you some time to get your money back on track.

A Voluntary Administrator will be assigned to oversee your company and determine whether it is still solvent or not. From this assessment, you can take further action to wind up your business or turn it around.


Company Liquidation

Company Liquidation is winding up your company and selling off its assets to try to repay your creditors what you owe.

This action is often taken after a Voluntary Administration where your company is found to be insolvent.

While liquidating your company can be devastating - it can also be the best way to move forward and start afresh.

Revive Financial can help you every step of the way.

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