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We work with a network of business professionals to assist their clients through difficult financial situations where the scope falls outside of their everyday services.

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By partnering with Revive Financial, you are adding our unique consolidation and financing solutions to your own list of services. We will work with your clients to improve their financial situation enabling you to retain them as a client while being paid a generous advocacy payment*. 

Our Qualifications

We are an Australia-wide service with over 43 years of combined experience

At Revive Financial, we work with a network of business professionals to assist their clients through difficult financial situations where the scope falls outside of their everyday services.

We specialise in assisting businesses in all kinds of financial distress. Where a client has received a garnishee notice, director’s penalty notice or a statutory demand, we act quickly to protect assets and mitigate any risk of insolvent trading. 


Chartered Accountants

Our team at Revive Financial are members of Chartered Accountants, a recognised industry body in Australia and New Zealand, Chartered Accountants are a worldwide network of trusted leaders in business and finance, sought after and recognised for their knowledge and insight..


Registered Liquidators

A registered liquidator is a person who is registered as a liquidator under the Corporations Act 2001. Only a registered liquidator can officially liquidate a business in Australia. At Revive Financial, we have a registered liquidator in-house so your clients get the help they need. 


Bankruptcy Trustees 

A bankruptcy trustee is a licenced practitioner who is permitted to control the administration of bankruptcies. Only licensed professionals can render such services, which is why our team at Revive Financial consists of a registered bankruptcy trustee to see your clients' insolvency through to the end.


Business Debt Specialists

Revive Financial is a team of qualified professionals who can deliver full-scale debt management services. Our staff are equipped to assist in personal and business debt management. We ensure our team of trained professionals can help your clients with their financial situation, from start to finish.


"From the start of the process, right through to the finalisation, the crew from Revive Financial were absolutely fantastic. They knew and were empathetic to our situation and made everything as comfortable as humanly possible. I would recommend Revive to anyone. Thank you."


Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to assist your clients

We provide a wide range of services to assist your clients in regaining their financial freedom. These services include business restructuring, tax debt negotiations with the ATO, Voluntary Administration, Liquidation and Bankruptcy.


Tax Debt Solutions

The biggest trigger for Company Liquidations and Personal Bankruptcies is the Australian Tax Office (ATO). We work with you to explore all of your options and assist you in making the right decisions to resolve your Tax Debts.


Business Debt Solutions

We provide expertise in Business Debt options and can assess the position of your business in order to advise the best step forward. We specialise in Business Turnaround, Voluntary Administration and liquidation.


Business Restructure

Business Restructure


Voluntary Administration

If your company is insolvent, or likely to become insolvent, it can enter Voluntary Administration by appointing a Voluntary Administrator. Voluntary Administration may help your company and its business survive, instead of going straight into Liquidation.


Business Turnaround

Running a business in Australia can have its challenges. From fluctuating market conditions to cash flow pressures, many businesses find themselves in a position where implementing a turnaround strategy is the only way to survive.



If your business is currently struggling and you can’t pay your business debts, our specialists may suggest putting your business into Liquidation. Liquidation can help you take a step back and relieve stress and responsibility associated with mounting business debt.

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