What You Will Learn

We received so many questions last webinar we couldn’t get to all of them. There was also a huge positive response to the case studies we shared. 

So here comes the encore... 

In this session we’ll dive straight into more case studies showing examples of the straightforward steps that will transform your relationship—and your clients’ relationships—with the Australian Tax Office. 

When a client is behind on lodgements and is accumulating tax debt, it’s one thing to get their lodgements up to date, but what’s the next step? 

To help get clients back in control and avoid future tax debt, it's important for any accountant in practice to be aware of these practical approaches...

Webinar Begins In:

What You'll Take Away

Know Your Options

Gain specifics insights into your clients' options when facing financial pressures

Professional Guidance

Access to our team of financial professionals in the session to answer any of your questions and queries.

Free Access

All attendees will get a video copy of the session as well as a direct link to our online business viability tool for personalised business recommendations.

Key Speakers

Jarvis Archer | Revive Financial Head of Business Restructuring & Insolvency
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Josie Gangemi | Tax Debt Solutions Australia Director
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